1: As a world champ in vault, Carlos Yulo is set to compete in the Paris Olympics.

2: Yulo aims for gold at the upcoming Olympics, showcasing his incredible talent in vault.

3: The Filipino gymnast's journey to Olympic glory begins as he trains rigorously for Paris.

4: Yulo's determination and skill make him a strong contender for the top prize in vault.

5: With his impressive vault performances, Yulo has become a global sensation in gymnastics.

6: Fans are eagerly anticipating Yulo's Olympic debut in Paris, hoping for a historic win.

7: Competing against the world's best, Yulo pushes himself to new heights in pursuit of victory.

8: The pressure is on for Yulo as he strives to achieve his dreams of Olympic success.

9: Stay tuned as Yulo takes on the challenge of the Paris Olympics, aiming for greatness in vault.