1: 1. Bratwurst: A delicious German sausage, grilled to perfection. 2. Schnitzel: Thinly pounded meat, breaded and fried to crispy perfection.

2: 3. Sauerkraut: Tangy and fermented cabbage, a classic side dish. 4. Pretzel: Soft and salty, a popular snack and beer pairing.

3: 5. Spätzle: Soft egg noodles, often served with creamy sauces. 6. Black Forest Cake: Rich chocolate cake with cherries and cream.

4: 7. Leberkäse: A savory meatloaf, often sliced and pan-fried. 8. Rouladen: Rolled beef with mustard, onions, and bacon stuffing.

5: 9. Kartoffelsalat: German potato salad, tangy and full of flavor. 10. Goulash: A hearty stew with tender meat and paprika seasoning.

6: 11. Currywurst: Sliced sausage topped with curry ketchup. 12. Käsespätzle: Cheesy noodles baked to gooey perfection.

7: 13. Labskaus: A hearty dish of corned beef, potatoes, and pickles. 14. Dampfnudel: Steamed sweet dumplings served with custard.

8: 15. Apfelstrudel: Flaky pastry filled with spiced apples and raisins. 16. Maultaschen: Large dumplings stuffed with meat or spinach.

9: 17. Eisbein: Crispy pork knuckle, a popular dish in Bavaria. 18. Königsberger Klopse: Meatballs in a creamy caper sauce.