1: Gina Torres, known for her role as Jessica Pearson on Suits, is set to return in Pearson.

2: The show, unfortunately, is not available on Netflix, but fans can catch it on USA Network.

3: Gina Torres' return promises to bring newfound energy and excitement to the series.

4: Her character, Jessica Pearson, is a powerful and dynamic force to be reckoned with.

5: Torres' presence on the show is sure to provide a much-needed boost in ratings and viewership.

6: Fans can expect to see Torres' character facing new challenges and obstacles in the legal world.

7: The return of Gina Torres is certain to revitalize any show she appears in, including Pearson.

8: Torres' acting prowess and commanding presence make her a fan-favorite in any role she takes on.

9: Stay tuned for the exciting return of Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson on Pearson, only on USA Network.