1: Galaxy A15 vs iPhone 4: Samsung's budget warrior takes on the classic Apple device.

2: Design comparison: A15's sleek modern look vs iPhone 4's iconic retro style.

3: Performance showdown: A15's powerful processor outshines iPhone 4's aging hardware.

4: Camera quality: A15's crisp photos beat iPhone 4's grainy shots.

5: Battery life battle: A15 lasts longer than iPhone 4 on a single charge.

6: Software updates: A15 receives timely Android updates, while iPhone 4 is stuck on old iOS versions.

7: Price comparison: A15 offers better value for money compared to the pricey iPhone 4.

8: User reviews: A15 users praise its performance and features over iPhone 4.

9: Overall winner: Galaxy A15 emerges victorious in the battle against iPhone 4.