1: Sarah Jessica Parker's iconic black wedding dress was a bold choice that set trends in the fashion world.

2: The strapless gown featured a full skirt and intricate black lace detailing, making it a show-stopping look.

3: Parker's one regret about the gown was not saving it for a special occasion after her wedding to Matthew Broderick.

4: The dress was designed by Morgane Le Fay and became a symbol of Parker's unique and unapologetic sense of style.

5: Parker's black wedding dress is still talked about today as a standout moment in bridal fashion history.

6: The gown continues to inspire brides to break tradition and embrace their individuality on their wedding day.

7: Despite her regret, Parker's black wedding dress remains one of the most iconic and memorable looks in celebrity bridal history.

8: The dress perfectly captured Parker's daring and unconventional approach to fashion and personal style.

9: Sarah Jessica Parker's black wedding dress will forever be remembered as a fearless and iconic choice that pushed boundaries in the world of bridal fashion.