1: Transform lunchtime with these 8 creative TV show themed lunchbox ideas, perfect for busy mommies after the office!

2: Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine pizzas make mealtime fun and easy for kids and adults alike.

3: Prepare a delicious SpongeBob SquarePants inspired lunchbox with pineapple slices and crab meat sandwiches.

4: Whip up a Paw Patrol themed lunchbox with puppy-shaped sandwiches and colorful fruit skewers.

5: Add some magic to your child's day with a Harry Potter inspired lunchbox complete with butterbeer and golden snitch snacks.

6: Bring the jungle to lunchtime with a Lion King themed bento box featuring Simba-shaped rice balls and Hakuna Matata fruit snacks.

7: Create a Peppa Pig inspired lunchbox with pink pancake pigs and muddy puddle jello cups.

8: Delight your little one with a PJ Masks themed lunchbox filled with superhero sandwiches and fruit kabobs.

9: Make lunchtime an adventure with these TV show themed lunchbox ideas that are sure to excite and satisfy even the pickiest eaters.