1: 1. "Stranger Things: Join the kids of Hawkins in spooky adventures while you sweat it out." 2. "Friends: Laugh your way through workouts with this classic sitcom about six pals." 3. "The Crown: Dive into royal drama while getting fit with this historical series."

2: 1. "Queer Eye: Get inspired by feel-good makeovers while crushing your fitness goals." 2. "The Office: Work up a sweat with the hilarious antics of Dunder Mifflin employees." 3. "Grey's Anatomy: Feel the drama and intensity of Seattle Grace Hospital as you exercise."

3: 1. "Parks and Recreation: Join Leslie Knope on her quirky adventures while breaking a sweat." 2. "Outlander: Transport yourself to Scotland and time-travel while working out." 3. "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Laugh and groove to the tunes of this comedy while exercising."

4: 1. "The Great British Bake Off: Watch contestants bake while you burn calories." 2. "This Is Us: Feel all the emotions of family drama while achieving fitness goals." 3. "Schitt's Creek: Laugh out loud with the Rose family while getting in shape."

5: 1. "The Witcher: Dive into a world of monsters and magic while strengthening your body." 2. "Mindhunter: Solve crimes with the FBI while solving your fitness challenges." 3. "Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Laugh with the detectives of the 99th precinct as you work out."

6: 1. "The Mandalorian: Join the adventures of the bounty hunter while staying active." 2. "Black Mirror: Reflect on futuristic scenarios while reflecting on your workout progress." 3. "Ozark: Get caught up in the criminal underworld while breaking a sweat."

7: 1. "The Handmaid's Tale: Witness a dystopian future while transforming your body." 2. "Stranger Things: Return to the Upside Down while pushing yourself in your workout." 3. "Westworld: Explore the wild west theme park as you explore new fitness goals."

8: 1. "The Umbrella Academy: Join the dysfunctional superhero family while improving your fitness." 2. "Narcos: Dive into the world of drug cartels while diving into your exercise routine." 3. "The Haunting of Hill House: Experience supernatural chills while experiencing your fitness journey."

9: 1. "Peaky Blinders: Join the Shelby crime family while striving for peak physical performance." 2. "The Queen's Gambit: Master the game of chess while mastering your fitness routine." 3. "Breaking Bad: Follow the transformation of Walter White while transforming your body."