1: Jessica Pearson, the strong and savvy lawyer from Suits, should team up with Gina Torres in a new series.

2: Louis Litt, the quirky and lovable attorney, could bring humor and heart to a show starring Gina Torres.

3: Rachel Zane, the ambitious and intelligent paralegal, would make a great addition to Gina Torres' cast.

4: Mike Ross, the brilliant but fraudulent lawyer, could find redemption working alongside Gina Torres in a new project.

5: Harvey Specter, the charismatic and confident attorney, would bring excitement and drama to a show with Gina Torres.

6: Donna Paulsen, the witty and loyal secretary, could add depth and warmth to a series featuring Gina Torres.

7: Alex Williams, the tough and competitive lawyer, might be a perfect fit for a show starring Gina Torres.

8: Katrina Bennett, the determined and ambitious attorney, could bring a fresh perspective to a project with Gina Torres.

9: Robert Zane, the powerful and respected lawyer, would be a formidable ally for Gina Torres in a new series.